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Introducing the Evacuation Mattress, a must-have safety essential for any facility or home. This innovative mattress is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety during emergency situations. 

🚨 Safety First: The Evacuation Mattress is equipped with sturdy handles and straps to ensure a secure and controlled evacuation process. In the event of an emergency, you can rely on this mattress to efficiently and safely transport individuals to safety. 

💤 Comfort at its Best: Made from high-quality materials, this mattress offers unrivaled comfort. Its foam cushioning provides relief and support, allowing individuals to lay comfortably during evacuation. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a peaceful escape. 

✅ Easy to Use: With its straightforward design, the Evacuation Mattress is simple to deploy and operate. Just place the mattress under the individual, secure the straps, and guide them to safety. No need for complicated instructions or time-consuming setup. 

🌍 Versatile and Portable: Designed for multi-purpose use, this mattress is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and residential buildings. It can be easily stored and transported, making it convenient for emergency preparedness plans. 

🔒 Durable and Reliable: The Evacuation Mattress is built to last

The Evacuation Mattress is designed to be used in conjunction with
standard foam mattresses.

> During evacuation the straps of the mattress are secured around the patient who is then evacuated to safety.

> The mattress base has a section of low friction material to make it
easier to pull on most surfaces.

  • Weight- 4Kg
  • Weight Capacity- 120 Kg
  • Length- 6 Feet

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