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Introducing our Soft Foldable Stretcher, the ultimate solution for safe and comfortable patient transportation. This versatile stretcher is designed to provide support and convenience, making it an essential tool for healthcare professionals and first responders.

🌟 Convenient and Portable: Our Soft Foldable Stretcher can be easily folded and unfolded, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for emergency situations or when space is limited.

🌟 Comfortable and Secure: The soft and durable material of the stretcher ensures a comfortable experience for the patient. With a sturdy construction and reinforced handles, this stretcher offers maximum support and security during transportation.

🌟 Versatile Usage: Whether it's in a hospital, ambulance, or during outdoor activities, our Soft Foldable Stretcher is designed to meet various needs. It can be used for transporting patients, transferring individuals from one surface to another, or even as a temporary bed for resting.

🌟 Easy to Clean: We understand the importance of maintaining hygiene standards in medical environments. That's why our Soft Foldable Stretcher is made from easy-to-clean materials, ensuring a quick and thorough cleaning process.

🌟 Space-saving Storage: When not in use

Soft-foldable stretchers are typically made from durable, flexible materials such as reinforced nylon, or other high-strength textiles.

> The key feature of these stretchers is their foldable design. This allows them to be compactly folded or rolled when not in use, making them highly portable, lightweight and suitable for storage in small spaces.

> The load capacity of these stretcher is 100kg which is sufficient to accommodate an adult or pediatric patient.

> Can be used in a variety of situations, including wilderness and outdoor emergencies, confined spaces, and situations where a traditional rigid stretcher may be impractical to transport.

> Proper training in the use of soft foldable stretchers is essential to ensure safe and efficient patient transport.

> Emergency responders and outdoor enthusiasts should be familiar with their operation and limitations.


Total Length 70 Inches
Total Breath 25 Inches
Maximum Load Capacity 100 Kg
Number of Handles 8 Handles
Material PVC / Nylon


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