Fire Safety Items

JLD Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)


Product details

Main components: 

  • Protect 2000 Plug-in type full face mask, conforming to IS 14166
  • Lung Demand Valve
  • Pressure Reducer,
  • High pressure Gauge with Warning
  • Whistle Unit
  • Back plate
  • Harness Assembly
  • Valved Cylinder. 
  • Carrying plate with cam-lock straps
  • Pressure Reducer (Pressure Compensated with audio alarm - Reserve air Signal) Pressure gauge indicates Cylinder Pressure Positive Pressure 
  • Lung Demand Valve (Tilt Type) 
  • Protect 2000 plug-in series 
  • Full Face Mask Compressed gas (single Steel cylinder 6L / 300 bar).

Approvals:  Approved to IS10245(part II): 1994; ISI Mark. license No.CM/L 7516070, DGMS Approval No.: S 65019/7/2006 - Genl 7266 Dhanbad, Mask approved to IS 14166: 1994 ISI mark License no.CM/L-7880394.

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