First Aid Items

Roller Bandage 15cm x 3m (pack of 10)


Product details

> Often simply called as a bandage roll or rolled bandage, is a flexible and stretchable medical dressing used for a wide range of wound management and support purposes. 

> It typically consists of a long strip of fabric or material that can be rolled or wrapped around an injured body part. Here are some key aspects of roller bandages.

> Made from various materials like cotton, gauze, elastic, or a combination of materials. 

> The choice of material depends on the intended use and the level of support and compression required.

> Roller bandage have a degree of stretchability, allowing for compression and support without restricting blood flow. This makes them suitable for securing dressings, providing support for injured joints.

> They come in sterile packaging to prevent contamination when used in medical procedures or wound care.

> Roller bandages are common components of first aid kits and medical supplies, as they are versatile and valuable tools for various injuries and wound care.


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