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Introducing the Scoop Stretcher, the ultimate solution for safe and efficient patient transportation. This versatile piece of medical equipment is designed to securely and comfortably hold patients during transfer, making it an indispensable tool for medical professionals.

🔸 The Scoop Stretcher is made from high-quality, durable materials that guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability.

🔸 With its innovative design, this stretcher can be split into two separate sections, allowing medical personnel to gently scoop up the patient from both sides. This not only ensures minimal movement and discomfort for the patient but also protects them from further injuries.

🔸 Its adjustable length feature allows for easy customization, accommodating patients of different sizes. Whether it's a child or an adult, the Scoop Stretcher can be easily adjusted to fit their specific needs.

🔸 The lightweight construction of the stretcher makes it easy to handle and maneuver, especially in challenging situations. Its compact size also makes it convenient for storage and transportation.

🔸 The Scoop Stretcher is equipped with secure locking mechanisms that firmly hold the stretcher in place, providing additional support and stability during transportation.

🔸 This versatile stretcher is not only suitable for use in hospitals and medical facilities but also in emergency scenarios,

> Scoop Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. 

> Hinged, interlocking ends allow the halves to join beneath the patient and gently scoop them up eliminating log-roll maneuvers and decreasing cervical spine movement. 

> Recessed head section to maintain proper cervical alignment. 

> Oval profile and angled handles provide ergonomic ease of use. 

> Narrow foot-end frame for confined space handling. 

> X-ray translucent, composite material thermally treated to not get too hot or cold. Impervious to fluids, easy to clean.

  • Weight- 8 to 10 Kg
  • Weight Capacity- 120 Kg
  • Length- 6 Feet
  • Material- Aluminium

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