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Scott Sigma 2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus


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Introducing the Scott Sigma 2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, a top-of-the-line respiratory protection device designed to keep you safe in hazardous environments. With its advanced technology and superior features, this breathing apparatus is a must-have for professionals working in industries such as firefighting, chemical, and emergency response.

🌟 Features:
- 🛡️ Maximum Protection: The Sigma 2 SCA has been engineered to provide maximum protection from harmful airborne contaminants. It features a high-performance facepiece and an integrated full-face visor, ensuring excellent visibility and protection for your entire face.
- 💨 Easy Breathing: With its low breathing resistance and efficient airflow management, you can breathe easily and comfortably even in the most demanding situations. The Sigma 2 SCA also includes a highly durable and flexible rubber harness, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit during extended wear.
- 🔋 Extended Battery Life: The integrated electronic Control Module ensures that you have ample battery life for your entire shift. It also features a built-in battery status indicator, keeping you informed at all times about the remaining power.
- 🚧 Enhanced Communication: The Sigma 2 SCA is compatible with a range of communication devices, enabling seamless communication with your team. With its dual voice amplifier


> Comes with Steel cylinder of capacity 6 liters with HPT test Report and EN 137 certificaton.

Pressure of 300 bar and duration of 45 minutes with stable back belt and full face mask.


Weight 9.5 kg
Cylinder Volume 6.8 Litres
Lasting Time 45 Min
Input Pressure 0 – 300 bar
Supply Scope 1XFace Mask, 1XHarness&Back Plate, 1XCylinder

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