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VMEDO Industrial First Aid Kit


Product details

Vmedo industrial first aid kit, also known as a workplace first aid kit,

1) Designed as per The Factory Act

2) Designed to provide immediate medical assistance and treatment for workplace injuries and emergencies. 

3) Tailored to the specific needs and risks associated with industrial or occupational environments.

4) Capable of treatment for 50 persons, they are typically larger and more comprehensive than standard first aid kits.

The specific contents of Vmedo industrial first aid kit can vary depending on the regulations and requirements of the country and industry. However, here are some common items you might find in this kit:

First Aid Box Specifications:
Dimensions: L xW x H; 6.3" X 13" X 17"
Weight: 10 kg (including content)


Cutting Scissor 1
Tweezer 1
First Aid Box 1
Tourniquet 1
Torch(Light ) 1
Safety Pin (pack of 10) 1
Eye Wash Cup 1
Wooden Splint 2
First Aid Guide 1
Alchohol Swaps 3
Safety Items  
Gloves(Latex Powder Free) 1
Goggles 1
Wistle 1
Soft Stretcher 1
Sanitizer 100ml 1
Rescue Sheet 1
CPR Mask 1
Adhesive Plaster big 10
Adhesive Plaster Round 10
Roller Bandage Small(10x3) 10
Roller Bandage Small(5x3) 10
Roller Bandage Small(15x3) 10
Absorbent Cotton 25gm 10
Sterile Dressing 5cm 10
Sterile Dressing 7.5cm 10
Sterile Gauze 5cmx5cm 10
Sterile Gauze 7.5cmx7.5cm 10
Sterile Gauze 10cmx10cm 10
Adhesive Plaster (7.5cmx5m) 1
Adhesive plaster (2.5cm*1m) 2
Tinture 20ml 1
Antiseptic Cream 1
Hemostatic Sponge 1
Micropore Tape 2
Amputed Covers 1
Sterile Burn Dressing 5
Eye Injuries  
Eye Pad 12
Eye Drops 1
Crepe Bandage 1
Cold Pack 200gms 1
Triangular Bandage 5
Pain Gel Cream 30gms 1
Electrolytes 10
Pottasium Crystal 20gms 1
Aspirin Tablet 5
Paracetomal 10
Sugar 5
  1. Basic first aid supplies: Adhesive bandages, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, disposable gloves, and resuscitation mask.

  2. Wound care supplies: Antiseptic solutions or wipes, sterile saline solution for cleaning wounds, wound dressings, and wound closure strips.

  3. Burn care supplies: Burn dressings, burn gel or ointment, and non-adherent sterile dressings.

  4. Eye care supplies: Eye wash solution, eye pads, and eye dressings.

  5. Trauma supplies: Triangular bandages, compression bandages, splints, and tourniquets.

  6. Medications: Antihistamines, pain relievers, antacids, and any specific medications required for individuals with known medical conditions.

  7. Emergency equipment: CPR face shield or mask, emergency blanket, instant cold packs, and a whistle or signaling device.

  8. Documentation and reference materials: First aid manual or instructions, and emergency contact numbers.


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