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VMEDO Latex Gloves Powdered-10 Boxes (1000 Pieces)

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Introducing the VMEDO Latex Gloves Powdered-10 Boxes (1000 Pieces)! These gloves are a must-have for any professional or household setting. Made from high-quality latex material, they provide exceptional strength, durability, and comfort.

🔍 The VMEDO Latex Gloves Powdered-10 Boxes (1000 Pieces) offer the following features:

💪 Superior Protection: These gloves are designed to provide maximum protection against dirt, germs, and chemicals. They serve as a barrier between your hands and potentially harmful substances, ensuring your safety.

🌟 Powdered for Easy Donning: The gloves come powdered, making them easy to put on and take off. This feature saves you valuable time, especially in busy environments where efficiency is key.

💦 Enhanced Grip: The textured surface of these gloves allows for an improved grip, ensuring you can confidently handle objects and perform tasks without any slippage.

💼 Versatile Use: Whether you work in the medical field, food industry, or any other profession that requires hygienic practices, these gloves are perfect for you. They are also suitable for various household applications, such as cleaning and handling sensitive materials.

🌈 Multiple Sizes: The VMEDO Latex Gloves Powdered-10 Boxes

> VMEDO Latex gloves are a type of disposable protective glove commonly used in healthcare, laboratory, and industrial settings.

> Latex is highly elastic, which means that latex gloves can stretch to fit different hand sizes comfortably.

> Latex Gloves are perfect for various settings like Hospitals, Clinics, Primary Healthcare Centers, Diagnostic Centers, Corporates, Hotels, Stores etc.

> They are safe and provide a secure grip. The gloves are durable and puncture resistant. They come in a convenient box of 100 gloves.

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