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JLD Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)


Product details

Introducing the JLD Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) – the ultimate gear for ensuring respiratory protection in hazardous environments. 

🔥 Designed to provide utmost safety and reliability, this SCBA is equipped with cutting-edge features to keep you safe in the most challenging situations. 🚒

🌬️ Breathe Easy: The JLD SCBA is engineered with advanced breathing technology, delivering a continuous and steady supply of clean air. With its high-performance respiratory system, you can focus on your tasks without worrying about compromise in air quality.

💪 Durability and Comfort: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the JLD SCBA is constructed with robust materials and is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Its lightweight yet sturdy frame ensures ease of movement, while the adjustable straps provide a secure and personalized fit.

🔒 Secure Seal: The integrated face mask is equipped with a dual-seal system to maintain an airtight seal, preventing any harmful substances from entering the mask. The clear and wide visor offers excellent visibility, allowing you to execute your duties with precision.

⚡ Enhanced Performance: The JLD SCBA comes with a high-capacity cylinder, providing extended operational time. The easy-to-read pressure gauge enables

Main components: 

  • Protect 2000 Plug-in type full face mask, conforming to IS 14166
  • Lung Demand Valve
  • Pressure Reducer,
  • High pressure Gauge with Warning
  • Whistle Unit
  • Back plate
  • Harness Assembly
  • Valved Cylinder. 
  • Carrying plate with cam-lock straps
  • Pressure Reducer (Pressure Compensated with audio alarm - Reserve air Signal) Pressure gauge indicates Cylinder Pressure Positive Pressure 
  • Lung Demand Valve (Tilt Type) 
  • Protect 2000 plug-in series 
  • Full Face Mask Compressed gas (single Steel cylinder 6L / 300 bar).

Approvals:  Approved to IS10245(part II): 1994; ISI Mark. license No.CM/L 7516070, DGMS Approval No.: S 65019/7/2006 - Genl 7266 Dhanbad, Mask approved to IS 14166: 1994 ISI mark License no.CM/L-7880394.

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